Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in London

Well as we all know London is burning no its literally burning, like in the nursery rhyme the London bridge is burning down. Many of the youths of many towns and areas are looting/rioting and attacking shops, stealing things from stores such as electronics, shoes, clothes, etc. I get were all pissed about the government and them acting retarded giving money to banks who raise our rates and don't give loans with sensible rates, but                

burning peoples houses and cars =/= getting back at the government ????

the police are also out numbered in most cases and are actually having to retreat in some cases. i am surprised they don't have the tear gas out there yet, but its just sad that the police in Britain can't bring down a riot. If this happened in the US it would have been squashed in a matter of hours not days.

Just like the L.A riots it was triggered by police brutality which was proved wrong during the riots. But many of the people who started protesting are gone just like the hippies in 1970's San Francisco who left and the only people there were teenagers looking to get high and live for free. The riots have lost steam and been derailed off of its original path. And its just sad how the race card is being played on both sides, Everyone  out there rioting come from all races. I hate how people are saying its only black people or black people started this, in the video there are white people who sometimes out number the black people.

Retards come from all spectrum's of the rainbow, like the people on Facebook and twitter bragging about how much stuff they stole. Whats EVEN WORSE THAN THAT are the people trying to report their friends on face book or connect them to crimes, those type of people are worse than the rioters, because they to are trying to gain from the chaos. There not reporting it to be good citizens there angry because there not out there rioting with them, there in there house watching it all. No one likes to be left out and that's what happened to those people.

Even more sad news here this kid gets helped then robbed for his PSP and phone, now if you ask me this looks sad from our point of view but we don't know the full story.

that kid has a half empty bag with no school and hes just walking around, now its obvious yes he was beat up, but what was he doing there, he could have been going to loot ASWELL, no garuntee but a huge chance he was. Like the people who get trampled on black Friday at the wall-mart they get pissed off because they got trampled and could not "win" the mini foot race. Plus he had the PSP in an what i could make out as a plastic cover which means its new. just speculating here but we may never know the truth unless you were there. So much anger being wasted on random fires instead it should be on the government demanding our money back.

Heads up USA may be coming to a city near you, but with more tazers and tear gas

metals are going up as DOW goes DOWn

After the "compromise" if you can call it that by the two parties DOW stocks went down. All over the market their were losses, and gold went to $1700 which just goes to show theres hyperinflation in the dollar. On top of it all Brokers are just out drinking like nothing is going on, maybe they know something we don't.

Even more is going on as the UK suffers from riots popping up all over the place like crazy. People just rioting for no reason they say. but it just goes to show people are fed up with the government taking away our freedoms and sending taxpayers money to big banks that help them get into more debt. If wall street were to disapper in a black hole tomorrow maybe a few problems with currency and trade, but the things people need to survive will still be there.

Monday, August 8, 2011


This one guy blew up a meeting place or modern watering hole then swam to an island and got a killstreak of 80+... And no one stooped him, really? first of all when he got to the island a "youth camp" he should have been stopped right there. Andres pretended to be a police officer and had all the kids gathered around him. Then he opened fired.
Lets poke some holes in this right now, they said youth camp not a day care. Kid who are a least 12-16 years old most likely, not toddlers. Then on top of that they were crowded around him, so the kids are already right next to him. No one no one tried to stop this guy they all either ran or curled up into a ball waiting for the police to get there. WTF when will people understand the police are not there to protect you, but only to enforce the law and investigate after your dead. So we look on as generations are wussified by nanny state government.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My review of "Fight Club"

  So what i like to do before i watch the movie i watch a trailer of it online first. The trailer comes off as its just brad pitt and ed norton beating the crap out of each other, at first it doesn't look like a good movie. But once you watch the movie you understand why its a cult classic for some followers.
   Fight club hits every surface of american consumerism, to the point its not about the fighting and its not about "narrator" the nameless character some call jack. Its about us in america from the 90's, like they knew what was going to happen to the economy in our time. Like all of the movies from the late 90's were telling us to wake up, this money bubble can no longer sustain itself, not everyone can be wall street boys with a white collar slaving over TPS reports.

    Just take the time to look at all of the office movies from the 90's another movie from that time "office space". That entire movie was about breaking away from that life style and at the end the building burned down. Yeah you can say its an conspiracy, but think about this the art of the time reflects the people. During the black plague the art work had skulls, and death all over, the 90's movies showing the consumerist america going down. Where all in that artwork of the 90's and its happening faster than the speed of FedEx.

  A quote people may counter this with is the part where Tyler says we have no great war or great depression our war is a spiritual war. Then you say well we have 2 wars and a depression on the way. Well if the media keeps pretending that nothings happening and your not acknowledge theres a problem, That problem stays and eats away at your soul.

Friday, August 5, 2011

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